Therapist Information

SophiaMatrix® Technique

by HP Ariane Zappe in cooperation with Dr. med Dietrich Klinghardt

Release of Toxins, Infection and Emotional Traumas

in Extra-Intracellular Matrix – Connective Tissue – Fascia – Lymph

3-Dimensional Health

Connective Tissue Interczeption Fourth Phase of Water Psycho-Emotional Traumas
Lymphatic System Fascia Anatomy
Radixedema Myofasciale Meridians Piezoelektricity Limiting Beliefs
Lymphatic Stagnation Fascial Affection Biophotons Fascia between Souls
Diet SophiaVision Waterrestructering Combination with Trauma Therapies
Detoxication Treatment of Scars
Antimicrobial Fascial Health Liquid Cristal Familiy Constellation
Therapy / Parasites Fascial Excercise Flow of Energy Systemic Therapies

SophiaMatrix® is helpful with

  • Detoxication and treatment of chronical infection
  • Overweight / Cellulitis
  • Metabolic Inbalances
  • Functional heart disorder
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Malposition of Joints
  • Fibromyalgia, chronic Pain
  • Arthrosis, Rheumatism
  • Back Pain
  • Heel Spur, Hallux Vagus
  • Headache and Migraine
  • Burn-Out
  • Attention Deficit Disorders, Concentration Difficulties
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Dismennorhea, Infertility
  • Scars, especially in the Abdomen
  • Irritable Bladder
  • Prostate Irritations
  • Cancer

Development of SophiaMatrix®

In November of 2013 Dr. Klinghardt asked me, to integrate SophiaMatrix, a manual Technique developed in practice, into his methods of the Institute of Neurobiology according to Dr. Klinghardt and give lectures for therapist working with these methods.

Now SophiaMatrix is thaught at the INK in Glottertal and soon also at the Sophia Health Institute in Seattle.

A deep, manual, no-instruments treatment of connective tissue, fascia and lymph as become the somatic part of detoxication, drainiage, treatment of chronic infections and psycho-emotional traumas.

Methods of Dr. Klinghardt

Since SophiaMatrix well integrated into the methods of Dr. Klinghardt the SophiaMatrix therapist will attendantly diagnose the patient by means of ART Autonomic Response Testing and and compile a protocol for detoxication and antimicrobial treatment. Psycho-emotional traumas that have been released by the manual tissue work will be resolved with PK Psycho-Kinesiology, MFT Mental Field Therapy and systemic therapies like family constellation.

Anyhow courses of ART, PK or MFT are NOT required in order to start SophiaMatrix Training.

Connective Tissue

Fascia research now realizes, that connective tissue is not just a filler medium in our body, but ONE organ, a holistic network, similiar to the nervous system or cardiovascular system with its own intelligence and conciousness. Connective tissue can transfer mechanical impulses und distributes the load of manual interventions throughout the whole system. Within 20 minutes connective tissue will restructure and thus react compensationally to any change in posture and any influence from the inside or outside.

The tensegrity model has been introduced to anatomy – a combination of modules that compensate compression, like our bones, and links, that transfer tension like our connective tissue. Any strain will be distributed throughout the whole system instantly.


Connective tissue respectively fascia do contract, e.g. with acidity, infection, inflammation, toxins, scars or unresolved psycho-emotionals conflicts. Contractile forces can become huge and defy control of the somatic and autonomic nervous system.

Tight and adhered connective tissue means less detoxication and less provision of nutrients for the cells. Every cell’s health depends on its embedment in the 3-dimensional healthy structure around it. This cell will then be well able to differenciate and function properly.

Lymphatic System

Nutrients, immunological substances, hormones, oxygen and more, that has been ordered by the cell, will be transportet by the lymphatic fluid through the connective tissue from the capillaries to the cell. Additionally the connective tissue serves as a buffer zone for any kind of stress like excessive nutrition, excessive animal protein, toxins and infection leaving the vascular system and provides detoxication and draininge by the use of the lymphatic system.

Our health is significantly depending on the status of the connective tissue, fascia and lymphatic flow – and it is that three-dimensional health, that we try to affect positively with SophiaMatrix. Attendantly it is of enormous importance to test with ART, how we can support the release of toxins and treat infection. Additionally a balanced ph-level and change in diet will be part of the protocol.

Lymphatic Stagnation in the dorsal abdomen / Radixedema

We start working deep in the abdomen. Behind the gut as the central organ – within its lymphatic drainage area – we find a first lymphatic stagnation. Dr. Weiss cultivated the concept of the radixemdema back in 1988 being the central lymphatic stagnation in the dorsal abdomen, which starts to displace the gut. I find a radixedema with 9 out of 10 patients. Keeping parasites in mind is extremly important with any manual intervention in the abdomen. Parasites will be bothered and must be treated appropriately.

Fascial strands proceeding through this stagnated lumbar region become hyoxic and start to contract. We find most disk prolapses and back pain right in this area. Releasing the radixedema in the dorsal abdomen often provides relief for the back.

Scars of the abdomen deteriorate the lymphatic flow additionally … adhesions after appendectomy, cesarean section, hysterectomy, hernia surgery, umbilical hernia or adhesions, piercings must be treated.

With women the stagnation bilds up deep in the pelvis, blocking the lymphatic drainage from the legs. Saddle-block, varicose veins, ancle edema, hip or knee joint problems can occur. Treating with SophiaMatrix means considering the myofascial meridians and thus enabling the connective tissue to restructure.

The central stagnation in the abdomen also influences cranial organs, the diaphragma and the chest. Difficulties in breathing or functional heart disorders can be a consequence. Lifting of the rib cage will lead to muscle and fascial contraction in the neck to support the new posture.

Strain hardening of the fascial tissue of the neck will disturb lymphatic drainage of the head. Consequently the intracranial pressure can increase with less detoxication of toxins of the brain, headache, migraine, Tinnitus or neurological symptoms.

Restructering adhesions and strain hardening along the myofascial meridians bring relief and can improve those symptoms.