MFT - Mental Field Therapy

MFT stands for Mental Field Therapy. It is a combination of the works of Scott Walker DC’s NET, Gary Craig’s EFT, acupuncture and other emotional release techniques. In MFT, psychological traumas that are preventing a patient’s physical health are explored, and gently released through a series of specific tapping points and healing statements made by the patient. It is an elegant and effective means of helping people clear emotional issues.

The sequence of 9 points, when tapped, influences all of the 14 major meridian lines. It is an easy way to help the body deal with stressful situations (like exposure to allergens, or emotional stress), help with the uptake of nutrients, and do a general clearing of the energy field of the body. The points should be tapped using both hands and all 10 fingers, as there are important meridians on the finger tips. The points can be tapped 9 times, in a gentle waltz rhythm. Tapping should be solid, not too soft or too hard. Humming while tapping the points helps add the the healing effect. 1. top of the head 2. eyebrows 3. temples 4. back of the head 5. cheeks 6. top lip 7. bottom lip 8. sides 9. chest


This method is successfully applied for anxiety, addiction, depression, pain and treatment of traums that can be conciously remembered.

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