PK Psycho-Kinesiology

Psycho-Kinesiology – a simple and effective synthesis of bio-feedback and psychotherapy

Illnesses are usually caused by Unresolved Psycho-Emotional Conflicts; these in turn originate in traumatic
events in the early childhood. Psycho-Kinesiology uses the signals of the body to uncover the psycho-emotional
causes. (UPEC) Physical symptoms or psychological strain indicate that a conflict wants to be “resolved“. In
order to do that, the therapist uses the muscle test to identify the conflict’s origins. The repressed event can thus
be remembered consciously by the patient and “discharge“. Finally, old restricting beliefs can be replaced by
new and liberating beliefs.

PK is the method of choice when the original event causing the current problem is hidden in the subconscious
and not accessible to the mind of the client. It is also indicated when the client simply does not know which of
the many traumatic or conflicted events is causing the current problem. PK allows us to dialogue with the
subconscious mind and get to the truth quickly and with great precision. PK is a form of biofeedback
psychotherapy or biofeedback guided counseling. PK can precisely determine the underlying cause of any
physical illness, injury, or dysfunction.

Psycho-Neurobiology is best described as a practical process of
(1) having a dialogue with the subconscious mind with the intention to uncover the UPEC
(2) understanding the limiting beliefs that were formed as an attempt to resolve the UPEC and replacing them
with freeing beliefs
(3) uncoupling (disconnecting) the ANS from the UPEC

The method that consciousness uses to help the person to deal with a UPEC is to have the person repeat the
same or similar situations until the person “deals successfully with the situation.” This may or may not happen.
Freud referred to this phenomenon as “repetition compulsion,” Stan Grof as “Co-Ex-System.”

When a therapist helps a patient to identify a repetitive painful theme (such as repetitive financial crises, repetitive failure in
relationships, etc.), and helps to uncover and resolve the underlying UPEC, the patient’s need to repeat the
painful event ceases, the Co-Ex-System is broken, the patient is free, and their life changes often immediately
and significantly. Chronic pain and illness follow the same mechanism.

In a simplified way we could say that chronic illness is a bad habit of the brain.


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