Extra- and Intracellular Matrix
Connective Tissue – Fascia – Lymph
One Holistic Network
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SophiaMatrix® resolves embedded
Toxins – Infections – Emotional Trauma

Connective Tissue


Lymphatic System

SophiaMatrix® - Technique, HP Ariane Zappe in cooperation with Dr. med. D. Klinghardt

A cooperation of Hp Ariane Zappe and Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD resulted in an new technique that, according to Dr. Klinghardt is the missing Element he has been searching for

  • Deep, manual massage of fasical tissue combined with
  • Improved lymphatic flow
  • Removal of fascial adhesions
  • Detoxication and drainage of toxins
  • Holistic, antimicrobial therapy
  • Resolvement of emotional traumas and energetic blockages
  • Structuring of water
  • Improving the flow of biophotons

The deep, manual methods of SophiaMatrix® Technique by HP Ariane Zappe complements Dr. Klinghardt’s methods since early 2014.

Through the application, the extracellular matrix can restructure itself and adhesions and blockages can dissolve.

This deep, manual massage is an essential therapeutic step, because most toxins and infections, as well as emotional traumas are accumulated in the connective and fascial tissue.