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Jul 08 - 10 2022


All Day



MatrixTechnique 2 Seminar (3 days) – german


Repeat discount 50%

(details further down)


Seminar language: German

(former SophiaMatrix seminar)

incl. script, drinks, snacks, lunch Saturday and Sunday

Admission requirements

Conclusion MatrixTechnique Seminar 1


Registration possible at any time.

Access to the videos and link to Powerpoints will be sent via email afterwards.

For questions and registration please contact Pamela Lecher:

Either by email:
or by phone:  49 (0) 8341 966 4100

All MatrixTechnique courses are tax-exempt as educational services according to § 4 No. 21. a) bb) UStG!




  1. Repetition of the techniques of deep connective tissue massage MatrixTechnique to activate lymph, connective tissue and fascia for visceral space and back, as well as scar treatment from course I.
  2. New techniques of deep connective tissue massage MatrixTechnique for activation of lymph, connective tissue and fascia for neck, head, arms, shoulders and legs, as well as treatment along fascial pathways.


Theory topics

  1. Repetition of the theory topics from course I (connective tissue, lymphatic system, interoception, SophiaVision, scar treatment
  2. General information
    Typical course of treatment
    Accompanying measures, ART, MFT, PK and SPK
  3. Theory of MatrixTechnique Part 2
    Fascia Anatomy
    Myofascial chains
    Fascial Diseases
    Fascial Health / Fascia Gymnastics
    The Fourth Phase of Water according to Prof. Pollack, Biophotons
    Mental traumas in the connective tissue, soul fascia,
    Combination with MFT, PK, SPK and systemic therapies


Repeat discount 50%

Each repetition of a seminar brings new insights. To make sure you don’t miss them, there is a 50% discount on the repetition of the same seminar as well as its recording. This option is available for all ImmunSymbiosis 1 & 2 and MatrixTechnique 1 & 2.

How to get the discount

When booking, you can specify in the comment field that you are a repeater.

Hourly Schedule

Freitag 08.07.

13:00 - 20:00

Samstag 09.07.

09:30 - 19:00

Sonntag 10.07.

09:30 - 16:00