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Mar 12 2021


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Recording Theme day 1 (2021) – german

Seminar language: German

For patients, affected persons, therapists and interested parties

incl. access to the recordings of the day (approx. 6 hours) for 4 weeks.
incl. link to download the shown powerpoint

Seminar volume

approx. 20 hours


Registration possible at any time.

Access to the videos and link to Powerpoints will be sent via email afterwards.

For questions and registration please contact Pamela Lecher:

Either by email:
or by phone:  49 (0) 8341 966 4100

All ImmunSymbiosis courses are tax-exempt as educational services according to § 4 No. 21. a) bb) UStG!


  • The term “immunity” in the sense of ImmunSymbiosis. If it is not about fighting germs, but integration of germs in the sense of symbiosis and further development, we have to redefine the term “immunity” – just like the term “antibodies”. Is immunity by vaccination the same as integration of a germ by direct contact? Why do some people get sick on contact and others don’t? Exciting studies on corona virus and patient microbiome. When does the cytokine storm occur?
    Immunity and antibodies from the point of view of ImmunSymbiosis
    Antibodies are regulators for us not against germs
    natural immunity means successful integration
    Immunity by vaccination prevents integration
    Bacteria, their toxins and tumor prophylaxis
    Viruses and tumor prophylaxis
  • Autoimmunity in the Light of ImmunSymbiosis
  • Vitiligo (white spot disease) – example of autoimmunity?  Interrelationships, causes, treatment and exciting case studies.
  • Uric acid in a new light. Uric acid, known mainly as a trigger of gout, is one of the most important protective substances for nerve cells. In animal studies, a high uric acid level protects against multiple sclerosis. Parkinson’s disease improves with high uric acid. Explanations, background information, studies, patient examples and the use of the frequency chord “uric acid | MSU”.
  • Motor neuron diseases (atypical or ALS) and tetanus toxin. Interesting correlations and studies.
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