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SophiaMatrix Training UG
SophiaMatrix Training UG
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Sep 08 - 10 2023


All Day



ImmunSymbiosis 1 Seminar (3 days) – german

New Date: Septemer 8th – 10th 2023


Repeat discount 50%

(details further down)


Seminar language: German

For patients, affected persons, therapists and interested parties

incl. drinks, snacks, lunch Saturday and Sunday
incl. access to all recordings of the 3 days for 4 weeks
incl. link to download the shown Powerpoint

Admission requirements



Registration possible at any time.

Access to the videos and link to Powerpoints will be sent via email afterwards.

For questions and registration please contact Pamela Lecher:

Either by email:
or by phone:  49 (0) 8341 966 4100

All ImmunSymbiosis courses are tax-exempt as educational services according to § 4 No. 21. a) bb) UStG!


Topics update:

  • ImmunSymbiosis 1 in the context of Medicine reloaded



Application of frequency chords and other ImmuneSymbiosis remedies

  • What are frequency chords?
  • What frequency chords are there and how do they support ImmunSymbiosis?
  • How are they applied and integrated into treatment strategies?
  • Herbal alcohol extracts and essential oils in the context of ImmunSymbiosis
  • Case studies with protocols


What is ImmunSymbiosis?

  • The immune system is controlled by man AND germs
  • Not only for the maintenance of the whole organism but especially for the further development for man and microbes
  • Chronic disease is a lack of microbes and thus missing or misdirected impulses for the immune system
  • How do microbes control the common immune system?
  • Why was the symbiosis lost?


The most important germs

  • Streptococci, Staphylococci, Tuberculosis
  • The role of viruses and retroviruses
  • The influence of molds and mycotoxins
  • Chronic inflammation in the nervous system in combination with mild traumatic brain injury- The perfect storm
  • CTE Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
  • Inflammatory lesions in the maxillary sinus, tonsils and ears


Immune system modulation as a central treatment step

  • Ways out of the dysregualtion of the immune system back into the ImmunSymbiosis
  • the detailed anamnesis since conception and the red thread in the life of the chronically ill patient
  • Regeneration of the systems, especially the nervous system | brain
  • Effect and application of frequency chords
  • Case studies from the SophiaHealth Institute, protocols and course of therapy
  • PubMed studies on all topics
  • How do we maintain our immune system and protect our children?


Repeat discount 50%

Each repetition of a seminar brings new insights. To make sure you don’t miss them, there is a 50% discount on the repetition of the same seminar as well as its recording. This option is available for all ImmunSymbiosis 1 & 2 seminars.

How to get the discount

When booking, you can specify in the email that it is a repetition.


Fine print

ImmunSymbiosis is a complex model for the development of chronic diseases and solutions. A testing method such as kinesiology to apply the ImmunSymbiosis strategies is beneficial, but not mandatory.

The contents of this course can be integrated into any therapeutic practice or serve as self-help for patients and interested persons. No special prior knowledge is required.

The protocols for our case studies from the SophiaHealth practice are often based on the SophiaViva remedies, which were developed there specifically for the treatment of these patients based on the research there.

In the seminar, the mode of action as well as the production, composition and scientific background of the remedies used are explained transparently.

Thus, the principle of ImmunSymbiosis can of course also be integrated into a treatment independently of SophiaViva with other remedies.

This course does NOT teach any content from the curriculum of methods according to Dr. Klinghardt (ART Autonomous Response Test, PK Psycho-Kinesiology, MFT Mental Field Techniques), unless they are already mentioned in the book “ImmunSymbiosis”.

Courses for MatrixTechnique and ImmunSymbiosis are conducted by SophiaMatrix® UG (haftungsbeschränkt). For questions regarding training in the methods ART, PK and MFT according to Dr. Klinghardt please contact the INK Institute für Neurobiology according to Dr. Klinghardt.

These INK courses are NOT a prerequisite for ImmunSymbiosis or MatrixTechnique seminars.

Hourly Schedule

Friday 08.09.

13:00 - 20:00

Saturday 09.09.

09:30 - 19:00

Sunday 10.09.

09:30 - 17:00
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